Board & Divisions

The TeamCFA Foundation Board of Directors is comprised of passionate school choice leaders and business professionals, each with a unique perspective and expertise. Board members have been selected for their demonstrated support of the TeamCFA philosophy and mission.

The board supports the TeamCFA foundation’s goal to expand the network and enhance the number and quality of TeamCFA programs. The board is dedicated to growing the network to 50 schools over the next 15 years in three targeted regions: the Southwest, the Southeast and the Midwest.

The board convenes quarterly. Two divisions interact with and support the entire TeamCFA network: Academics and Educational Technology.

Board of Directors

Ryan Stowers - Chair

Brad Miller

Philip Byers

2016–17 Divisions

Leader: Jeff Ziegler, Academic Dean, TJCA-CFA,
Tony Best, Linda Bevilacqua, Jennifer Purdee

Education Technology
Leader: Peter Rowe, Technology Consultant, CF;
Joseph Maimone, Harry Parrish

2016–17 TeamCFA Board Representatives


Jason Cole, Michael Shumate


Jim Bishop, Warren Alston


Nicholas Iosue, Erina Byers

Ethos Academy

Lee Pfeiffer, John Pirrone

Excelsior Academy

Jason Lefler, Gary Webster

Hirsch Academy

Lee Pfeiffer, John Pirrone

Indianapolis Academy of Excellence

Andrew Bloch, Keyon Whiteside

Lake Lure

Mike Harrington, Gary Kling

New Dimensions

Mike Harrington, Tim Foley


Mark Franklin, Gary Webster


Shelley Baltodano, Cathy Pirrone

Shining Rock

Larry Wilkerson, Tim Foley

Thomas Jefferson 

Erina Byers, Paul Foley


Faye Bishop, Jason Cole


Cathy Pirrone, Shelley Baltodano 

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