TeamCFA Foundation

Meaningful long-term support for every CFA

The TeamCFA Foundation exists to promote the academic growth and success of each student in each TeamCFA school as well as the growth of the entire network. Each school in the TeamCFA network receives long term, meaningful partnership and oversight from the TeamCFA Foundation, with specific regard to academics, business, and governance through the Affiliate Agreement.

Foundation Mission

TeamCFA supports the development of academically rigorous, financially sustainable TeamCFA charter schools by employing proven academic, business and governance practices and leveraging the free market to support the broader school choice movement.


Our Schools Serve:

Students, who depend on us to prepare them for a successful future.

Our most important objective is to create a culture of lifelong learners and engaged citizens.

Deserving teachers, without whom we could not succeed.

Effective educators are vital to our cause. They must be properly compensated and empowered to lead others.

Taxpayers, who invest in public education.

To create a sustainable model for educating our nation's youth, we must be as efficient as we are effective.


Core Responsibilities

Every decision our board makes is measured against these four duties:

  1. Facilitate an ongoing partnership between TeamCFA and individual CFAs by providing long-term meaningful support and oversight.
  2. Attract and train passionate CFA leadership.
  3. Attract and leverage significant purchasing power and the funds to support the concept of providing goods and services to each CFA at lower costs than available separately.
  4. Internalize the six practices of high-impact nonprofits as identified by the book, Forces of Good. These are: Advocate and Serve, Make Markets Work, Inspire Evangelists, Nurture Networks, Master the Art of Adaptation, Share Leadership


The Foundation board is comprised of passionate school choice leaders and business professionals, each with a unique perspective and expertise. They have been selected for their enthusiastic embrace of the TeamCFA model school and our mission to grow the network across the country.