Challenge Foundation Properties

Connecting TeamCFA schools with the building resources they need for long-term success.

One of the most difficult challenges faced by charter schools is finding a facility to call home. Challenge Foundation Properties (CFP) promotes financially stable, self-sustaining charter schools by providing access to low-cost, high-quality facility solutions.

Lending Support at Every Step in the Process

CFP provides TeamCFA schools with an experienced school facilities development team and lends support in developing a comprehensive facilities plan. CFP can engage at any and all levels of the building process:

  • Planning
  • Site Selection and Land Acquisition
  • Retrofit and Renovation
  • Design and Build
  • Finance and Purchase

Facilitating long-term success

Since its inception in 2005, CFP has been involved in a variety of school projects all delivered on time and on-budget. CFP recognizes that just like individual charter schools there is no one-size-fits-all solution. CFP offers creative solutions working closely with each school board and administration to ensure that the facilities plan is in line with school budget and growth plans.

The ultimate goal of each project is to provide a high quality facility and the opportunity for the school to purchase the facility within five to seven years of completion. CFP will use the proceeds of the sales to finance subsequent construction projects with the aim of expanding the TeamCFA network to provide quality school choice for more families in more communities.


TeamCFA Schools interested in working with Challenge Foundation Properties should contact:

Phil Byers, Midwest Region
Mike Harrington, Southeast Region
Ruppert Reinstadler, Southwest Region

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