Who We Are

TeamCFA is a national network of free, public charter schools, built on the values of hard work, good citizenship, and teamwork.

Our ultimate goal is to graduate thoughtful, articulate youth who are prepared to become productive, accountable, engaged citizens.

Schools in the TeamCFA network gain access to startup funding, grants, training, services, the Core Knowledge curriculum, and—in some cases—the necessary facilities. Within 5–7 years, schools become self-sustaining, and contribute to the thriving, collaborative network.


Our Mission

To support the development of academically rigorous, financially sustainable TeamCFA charter schools by employing proven academic, business and governance practices and leveraging the free market to support the broader school choice movement.

Our Motto: Together each achieves more.

School Choice

Every child deserves access to a quality education — regardless of zip code. School choice creates healthy competition among schools, and gives parents greater control of their child’s education.


Foundational Support

CFA stands for Challenge Foundation Academy, and recognizes the Challenge Foundation’s instrumental role in the TeamCFA model. In 2010, Challenge Foundation established TeamCFA Foundation (formerly Academy Leadership Foundation in Action) to provide long-term, meaningful support to all CFAs, and enhance the growth of the TeamCFA network.

Together, these foundations make it possible for CFAs to reach self-sustainability and growth goals within 5–7 years of founding.

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