Our Teachers

TeamCFA teachers care about the academic growth of the students who will become our future citizens. Using data-driven instruction, they develop skill-focused lessons infused with content from the Core Knowledge Sequence.

Educators in the TeamCFA network have access to a broad range of professional development. Educators who share a vision of cultivating young citizens and motivating capable learners have the opportunity to share best practices across a thriving, collaborative network.

TeamCFA educators use a variety of research-based instructional strategies to meet the needs of our students. Cooperative learning, investigative learning, and the Socratic method are only a few of the instructional approaches that a teacher may use to meet the needs of a particular student or class.

Technology is integrated into our classrooms in a logical and thoughtful way. As students progress through our schools, they will be able to produce and discuss arguments and evaluate ideas presented to them by pouring over countless assets and experts available to them online. Technology is a tool, not a replacement of, our high-quality teachers.

Through on-site training and consultation, an annual national conference, and the TeamCFA Resources website, TeamCFA supports schools in providing opportunities for teachers to learn how to meet the needs of students.