TeamCFA offers a structured and rigorous academic program: Core Knowledge. The Core Knowledge Sequence is a research-based, coherent, cumulative, content-specific K–8 curricular sequence in the language arts, history and geography, mathematics, science, art, and music. In TeamCFA schools, Core Knowledge content is infused into the teaching of skills such as reading and writing. All students are supported in achieving academic growth and challenged to become thoughtful, articulate young adults prepared for a lifetime of citizenship and intellectual inquiry. At TeamCFA we strive to use data and research-based instructional practices to ensure that our students learn and succeed on their path to higher education. Teachers are provided with the training and resources necessary to implement the Core Knowledge Sequence.


Core Knowledge Sequence (K–8)

TeamCFA K–8 schools follow the curricular guidelines developed by the Core Knowledge Foundation. The Core Knowledge Sequence prevents repetition and gaps in instruction that result from vague academic guidelines and is aligned to state standards while providing enough flexibility to meet local needs.

Use of the K–8 Core Knowledge Sequence ensures that all children acquire a solid base of knowledge. The sequence acquaints students with a broad range of historical, scientific, and cultural knowledge that builds from year to year. The study of literature, history, English grammar and writing, mathematics, science, music, and art prepares students to be engaged citizens and lifelong learners.

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High School

In TeamCFA schools that extend beyond the eighth grade, the curriculum is tailored to meet the needs of students. Some schools are classical academies that require classes in Latin, logic, and rhetoric; others have a fine arts or STEM emphasis. In addition to its college-preparatory high schools, TeamCFA is actively exploring the possibility of starting vocational high schools that prepare students to enter the workforce immediately upon graduation.