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What It Means to Be a CFA

TeamCFA, a national network of public charter schools dedicated to achieving the highest academic results for K–12 students, employs proven academic, business and governance practices to support the development and success of Challenge Foundation Academies (CFAs).

Every CFA benefits from sustained financial and operating support from the TeamCFA Foundation and at no charge to the CFA school. Through affiliation with the TeamCFA network, schools gain access to a broad range of services, grants, staff advancement training, and consulting, as well as personalized access to Core Knowledge.

Becoming a TeamCFA school means committing to an operational model that will deliver academic excellence and operational efficiency at a lower cost than many other schools, contributing to the country's future and providing significant educational and financial value for every dollar spent.

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School Start-up

TeamCFA partners with passionate, committed educators, leaders, and community groups who are able to demonstrate support of the CFA model, and establish local need for under served students. TeamCFA offers start-up costs which may include the initial financing for facilities with the vision that a successful CFA will become self-sustaining in 5–7 years. For more information contact

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School Conversion

Existing charter schools who share our vision of achievement, excellence, and measurable results and are interested in gaining access to our network of support in the areas of academics, business, and governance can inquire about converting to a CFA and finding a partner in education. For more information contact