Building stronger schools
for a stronger nation

Who We Are

TeamCFA is a catalyst for school choice. We are growing a network of free, public charter schools.

What We Do

We help passionate leaders build stable, successful schools where they are needed most.

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Together we can build the strong schools our nation needs and our children deserve.

Our Approach

At a Challenge Foundation Academy, education is not a means to an end — it is the key that unlocks a lifetime of exploration, leadership, and
civic engagement.

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Our Impact

Every year, every TeamCFA student takes the nationally-normed Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) test. This data helps us identify weaknesses, celebrate success, and share best practices across the network.

Serving 5,500+ K–12 students in 12 schools, and growing.

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The TeamCFA Foundation supports the development of successful, sustainable TeamCFA schools by providing meaningful long-term partnership and oversight.

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